BIGGER BETTER BUSH INN - New Retail Opportunities 

We are delighted to announce the next stage of development at Bush Inn,featuring a combination of 30 new high quality, unique and exclusive retailers and kiosks, an exciting new 3000sqm buliding with riccarton road frontage for our power retailer, a new combined carpark and pedestrian entrance integrating the existing centre and improved access, car parking, signage and vechicle flow around the centre, 

Opening in 2018, Stage 5

Read more about our exciting new development by clicking on the Stage 5 development tab and the visual tabs below it, aswell as following the links below for our latest articles in the Christchurch Press, Western News and Christchurch Star.

Christchurch Press Wed May 1st 2016

Christchurch Star 21st April 2016

 Western News Article 26 april 2016